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The 4 Real Estate Videos Every Agent Needs to Master

Great real estate videos are worthless if no one ever watches them. Be sure that the videos you use are a feature in your listings, posted on social media accounts, and displayed prominently on your website. Here are four real estate videos that every agent should master to boost leads and engage future clients.

1. The Introduction Video

An introduction video is a quick, friendly video that you can use to introduce yourself to cold leads online as well as warmer leads who want to get to know you better. Think of your introduction video in real estate as an elevator pitch for your services. What can you offer clients that other agents can’t?

Real estate introduction videos should be informal. Talk about yourself as a person and how you add value to the home buying experience rather than brag about previous sales. To humanize yourself, you can also quickly mention your hobbies or interests. Use interests that reinforce the fact that you’re a local expert or highlight the perks of where you work. For example, if you live in Rhode Island and enjoy sailing, saying you’re an avid sailor will get you further with clients than talking about your coin collection.


What Can I Use Introduction Real Estate Videos For?

Your introduction video is probably the most important video you’ll ever make because there will be so many opportunities to post it online. You can (and should) post your introduction video on your Zillow Premier Agent profile, your website, Facebook, and YouTube, and you can even include it in emails to cold leads via email video software like BombBomb.


Example Introduction Video

2. The Testimonial Video

Testimonial real estate videos can go a long way in convincing cold leads you’re competent and trustworthy. While having a four-star review on Zillow can lead to a huge uptick in leads, some buyers might be a bit leery of written reviews. Testimonial real estate videos from happy former clients leave a heartfelt impression that’s far harder to ignore than written reviews.

What Can I Use It For?

Testimonials are an incredibly versatile tool for real estate video marketing. If you have editing skills or can afford someone who does, you can weave a few great testimonials into your introduction video, social media pages or Facebook content. While some agents and firms like to use them wherever they have a presence, others like to keep them separate and feature these real estate videos on their specific testimonials website page.


Example Video

3. The Neighborhood Tour Video

A neighborhood tour is a great staple in the arsenal of your real estate marketing videos. The neighborhood tour video provides evergreen content that you can use over and over again to show off your marketing chops and local expertise for both buyer and seller clients.

Good real estate videos that show off the neighborhood should capture multiple attractive locations in the area along with your narration about what makes the neighborhood special. You can highlight great transportation options, nightlife, parks, landmarks, or whatever else you think your clients would like to know.

What Can I Use It For?

Neighborhood tours are great to have on your website, Facebook, and YouTube. Along with posting them to your own channels, neighborhood tours are also fantastic real estate videos to send to relocation clients. If you make a great video in a quiet market, you may find yourself with thousands of YouTube views from curious home shoppers, so be sure to brand your neighborhood tours so people know exactly who to contact!

Example Video

4. Listing Videos

When most people think of real estate videos, listing videos are usually the first thing that comes to mind – with good reason. Listing videos not only help to sell homes, they’re also a great way to impress your current and future seller clients. A portfolio of real estate videos focused on listings will help you land more seller clients.

What Can I Use It For?

Listing videos give you two unbeatable advantages. The first advantage is that real estate video marketing for listings helps you sell your listings faster. Secondly, real estate videos for your listings can help you attract more seller clients.