Why your website needs video


Video is the way consumers are absorbing content on the internet and your business should be primed to take advantage of the opportunity that video provides. Statistics show that viewers will stay engaged longer with video than with reading and are more likely to convert to leads after viewing a video. This is because video allows your company to communicate to your customer base in a simple but effective way.

Statistics on Internet Video Consumption

  • Marketing statistics from 2017 show increased video consumption, with the trend continuing to increase in the next few years.

  • Currently, YouTube has over a billion users. This amounts to almost a 1/3 of all internet users.

  • 85% of internet users within the U.S. consume content through video.

  • By 2019, video consumption is expected to increase to around 80% of all internet traffic.

Reasons Why Your Business Should Have Video On Your Website

1. Improve Your Rank on the Search Engine Results Pages

The old saying, “Content is King” applies to videos too! Although the footage in the video may not be indexed by search engine crawlers, the way the data is optimized on the video makes the difference.


Using keywords in the video title, descriptions, and tags help provide an additional SEO boost.

Optimized YouTube Channel

Additionally, Google owns YouTube. This is a built-in advantage for your company to have an increased presence in Google’s search engine results page.

Create an optimized channel that hosts all of your video content, even if you have the video embedded on your actual website. The channel and videos provide high-quality backlinks and information about your website.

2. Show Off Your Brand, Products, Services, and Company Personality

Video is a great way to humanize your brand and connect with your website visitors. This connection is part of relationship and trust building. People buy from businesses they trust, and a video can help bridge the gap.

Create Trust

Videos send signals that show you believe in your product or service. Even when a video is not watched, there is a subconscious trust signal being established between your brand and the viewer. This is why having a video for your services or products is a great way to create emotions within your customer base that triggers them to contact you.

3. Stand Out From Your Competition

A lot of businesses are still out of the loop on the importance of video, but that window of opportunity is closing. As more companies become aware of the success of online video marketing, your competitors may use the opportunity to get ahead of you in search results and brand message.

Videos will help you reach new website visitors and create a lasting impression.

Video Provides a Better Website Experience and Retention Rate

A video provides supplemental material to the static content on a website that helps to provide a compelling experience for the consumer. Videos are a great way to build a lasting relationship with online visitors.

Consumers are more likely to remember your video than the content they can read on your competitor’s website. Add in the fact that video links are easily shareable, and you have an opportunity for your customers to post your content across their social platforms.